Apollo Bay Australia

Darwin Australia

Apollo Bay Australia, semi-circle bow formed beach,

white sands,full sea breeze, provides atmosphere,

stress-free,from the town,also has a wide range,

of sporting clubs,Surf Lifesaving Club,Sailing Club,

Golf club,Pony Club,downhill mountain bike rides,

rent a 4 wheeler,who love adventure.

Backpackers Accommodations, paradise by the sea,

sandy swimming beach,green hills, waterfalls,relaxed lifestyle,

State national and parks,abundant,fauna flora

and ranges,Swim in clear waters, kayak, seals,

deep sea fishing,relaxed horse ride,surfing beach at sunset.

Apollo Bay Australia,

Coastal town,South West Victoria,situated,Cape Today,

along River,Great Ocean Road,Fishing & Adventure Tours,

professional and inexperienced,fisherman,baiting up,

taking your fish off your hooks,feeding fish,gummy shark,

snapper, barracuda, renowned for crayfish,

stacks of lobster, pots,daily catch,available fresh,

boat with local fishermen.

Port Douglas Australia Popular tourist resort,well serviced,variety accommodation,

Southern Exposure, 14 acres of farmland,features ocean view,

town rests,on lovely green foothills,

semi-circular, arc,golden beaches,blue ocean,

National Park,rainforest, along with the coastal, great outdoor,

activity Great Ocean Walk.

Noosa Head Australia Heritage,Shipwreck Coast.following many ships,

lives were lost, this shore in the 19th century,

lighthouses,guide, to ocean,adventurers, harmless pass,

Bass Strait,couple of hours, drive to Melbourne.

spectacular coastal landscape,lush hills,

best way is, via Great Ocean Road , Western District,

breeds best cattle, sheep, merino wool,produced,

highest quality, wealth, cattle, sheep farmers , reflected,

large estates,lush flat grazing land,center Western District.

Perth Australia Cherished cove,never before,car rental,easier Expedia.com

has a great rate,offers a variety of pick-up,and drop-off,

spectacular seaside,scenery,settled,lush mountains,Victoria,

beautiful southwest coast, from Torquay Allansford,

follow through,lush rainforest, high cliff tops,

stunning headlands, edges of beaches, panoramic views,

between Loren and Apollo Bay, impressive section.

Extremely popular on weekends,

Fremantle Australia Apollo Bay Australia,

Tourism, fishing Paradise by the Sea, kite surf and other,

adventurous,fishing, kayak, surfing, road began construction,

1918, work for Australian servicemen,returning from world war

1 rainforest scenery, Australia found breathtaking,

Todays Ranges, Apollo Bay Nature lovers, walk through

tall trees,ferns, tree, ancient plant species, mosses

lush ferns,forests, eye view,rainforest,and oldest lighthouse.

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