Fremantle Australia

Fremantle Australia,night life, popular place,

second North bridge, Perth's central business district,

people,attracts metropolitan region nightclubs.

bars and pubs,it lies on limestone hills,

Nyungar people, Booyeembara,

world-class marina facilities, Americas Cup,

held here,excellent Fishing,around here,

fish many different species,caught off jetties,beaches rocks,

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Fremantle Australia

Seniors travel tips!

state Western Australia,about 12 miles, from Perth,

Fremont mouth,Swan River,established 1929,

Fremantle-Prison, Arts Centre,and Swan River,flows,

from Perth. North mole harbour, popular,

Perth fishing,location, ferries depart,

Rottenstone Island,

cruise Swan River.

Perth is a great way of getting to Fremont Bus to Fremont

from Scarborough via Cotters.

located,attractions,close proximity,several clubs,

live music,early hours,

the café,is open ,morning coffee.

first port of call, fishing boats,

their fresh catch,of the day.

Local restaurants, fresh cooked seafood,restaurants,

with waterside views,

specializing,in Markets, on South Terrace, fresh fruit,

produce hand crafted,jewellery Darwin Australia

Victoria Quay, Shed Markets,

overlooks,wharf,interesting shops,enjoy many cafes,

AFL football team,also home to the South-Fremantle-Football

Club, has globalize,teaching, American,students

team,football. close to the city surroundings.

Point Pernod,fishing spot,

popular rocky feature, large sandy bay.

large sandy bay, a walk through nature reserve,

of footpaths, jetty at Palm Beach,

for fishermen, Mediterranean climate. Boutique Wineries

Swan River is excellent wine,food Multicultural,

Beautiful beaches,Free city transport,

Shopping seven days aweek,

Famous for water sports,

Located coast, 30 minutes,from Perth's city centre,

Its streets,buskers,buzz with the song,

walks, full with a wild collection,of music,

floats,art,trendy café,and bars.

popular swimming, Port beaches, South beaches,tourists

many opportunities,water ski,Jet Ski,swim,kayak,surf, Perth Australia

Cruise Direct Departing Sydney

find many galleries,shopping venues,theaters,

dining,university life,University thriving,central-Fremantle.

The Fremont Cruise Ship,

Terminal to downtown Perth 20 minutes,

Western Australian Maritime Museum,

Fremantle-maritime objects includes,

former Royal Australian Navy submarine,Australia II

the yacht that won the Americas Cup in 1983.

Perth beautiful City especially on Fremont

its wonderful sights


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